About Oak Tree Spirit and Mikael Jansson

My name is Mikael Jansson and I am the founder and creator of Oak Tree Spirit. I am a self taught wood worker with a great passion for all the beautiful things Mother nature provides us with. All the beautiful things we can see and experience, all material we can create with, all the food and water that nurture us. 

In my whole life I have been working with multiple things parallel to each other, I don’t fit into one little box. Wood working is one part of my daily life, it is so stimulating to work with my hands. I am also a healer and sound healer which is kind of related since some of the things I create are music instruments like Native American inspired flutes and other tools used in sound healing.

Oak Tree Spirit started as a hobby project to be able to share my creations with others on instagram and other places. Over time it has developed to include selling what I create and also attending to fairs and markets. I also arrange different workshops within wood working to create your own pendulum, flute, runes and other kind of workshops and gatherings. 

I am a open minded free soul with a curious mind, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or are just curious.

I wish you a beautiful day and don’t forget to be YOU <3

/ Mikael