Wooden rings

Stay connected with mother nature by wearing a ring made out of wood and why not have an inlay of pieces of chrystals. It is also a unique way to express your self. Oaktreespirits rings are hand crafted with different techniques to withhold the strength and keep a natural look. 

Custom made rings – Imagine to wear a ring that is custom made for you, in your favourite type of wood with a personal inlay that has a specific meaning only to you. the inlay can be small pieces of a chrystal, sand from the beach where you got engaged, the guitar string from your first guitar. There are so many ideas that can be expressed.

Rings for different occasions – Why not have different rings for different occasions. Let the ring match the mood you are in or use a ring with chrystal inlays with specific characteristics you need in a surtain moment.

Wedding rings, engagement rings or why not friendship rings – Image having a unique set of rings, made out of the very same piece of wood, rings that are connected and connects you with your partner, friend, soul mat. A ring with an inlay of something that is important only for you.

Don´t hesitate to contact me on info@oaktreespirit.com with your ideas, wishes or questions, just send me an email and we create magic together.

Wooden rings available to purchase

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