Workshops and gatherings

I just love to contribute to others, sharing knowings and experience and combine it with a good conversation.

For a while I have arranged different workshops, both individual and in groups both within wood creating in wood and other kind of gatherings like paint your intention.
Workshops and gatherings are a beautiful way of connecting people, skills, knowings and share with others and I love to combine working creatively with your hands, sharing thoughts and connecting with mother nature. Many of my workshops include sitting around a camp fire and sometime cooking a meal over open fire.


  • Create your own pendulum
  • Create your own Native American inspired flute with totem (max 2 persons at a time. Workshop 2-3 days)
  • Create your own set of runes
  • Shamanic drum workshop (Hosted workshop together with drum maker partner. Workshop 2-3 days)
  • Paint your intention workshop
I arrange both open workshops and custom made workshops so if you are interested in custom workshops just let me know.

Workshop gallery